Our Story


On October 1991, Paul Inclan founded Inclan Enterprises Inc. as a Sub Chapter S Corporation in the state of Kentucky, setting the stage for its establishment.

The purpose for the creation of the company was to acquire the marketing responsibilities from Bourbon Country Products, Inc for the Maker's Mark Bourbon Gourmet Sauce. Bourbon Country Products, Inc. had the rights through a royalty agreement between Maker's Mark Distillery to produce and market the sauce. 

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On December 1992, Paul Inclan, Bryan Allphon and Wayne Jones, as equal partners, formed and incorporated Southern Dreams Foods (SDF) in the state of Kentucky.  The purpose for creation of this company was to produce all products for Inclan Enterprises Inc., and to fill a perceived void in the food manufacturing field.  This niche is to serve the needs of specialty and micro-food markerters and other end users. SDF specialized in the manufacture of very high quality, small production run food products.  A developing sement in the production of proprietary highquality food service products at this time. 



In 1996 Inclan Enterprises acquired the marketing rights for the Maker's Mark Sauce and retained the name of Bourbon Country Products as a DBA.

Inclan Enterprises also had the marketing rights for Wild Turkey (Real Kentucky) Barbecue Sauce, Wild Turkey Habanero hot sauce, Wildy Turkey Gourmet Sauce and Evan Wlliams (Kentucky Bourbon) Barbecue Sauce from Old Evan Williams Distillery together with a line of Christian Brothers brandy flavored sald dressing.  All of these products have national and internaltional label recognition through their respective spirit product.

In addition to the spirit based products, Inclan Enterprises had developed its Original Tequila Salsa Gourmet de Inclan, Jerimiah BBQ and Hot Saues and Gib's Bottled Hell Hot Sauce Group.


In 2006 Southern Dream Foods name was phased out and the operation was converted to Flavorcraft LLC and moved to the Waterson Trail Location.  

Despite initial successes, the path of the business was not without its hurdles. Over time, challenges emerged, ranging from unfavorable deals to problematic partnerships. These obstacles tested the resilience of the enterprise.

During this timeframe, Inclan Enterprises faced further challenges when Wild Turkey opted not to renew their contract. Additionally, Maker's Mark, under new ownership by Japan's Suntory, decided to discontinue their food items, shifting their focus exclusively to Bourbon production.by Japan's Suntory



In 2017, Bourbon Country Products found themselves at a crossroads as contracts approached expiration. In response, Paul Inclan and Nicholas Inclan embarked on a visionary mission. Leveraging the iconic recipes behind Maker's Mark Gourmet Sauce and Wild Turkey's products, they ingeniously rebranded and packaged them under the esteemed Bourbon Country label. This strategic pivot not only breathed new life into their portfolio but also positioned Bourbon Country Products for a resounding triumph in the ever-evolving market landscape

In this period, Heaven Hill sought to extend its partnership with Bourbon Country Products, introducing new offerings under the renowned Elijah Craig label. This collaboration signified a commitment to innovation and tradition, as both entities worked together to craft culinary delights that would captivate consumers and honor their shared heritage


In 2022, the Inclan family faced profound loss as the esteemed leader of the Inclan Clan passed away unexpectedly.  After Paul Inclan's passing, Bourbon Country Products entered a new chapter. With his wife Sheri Inclan and their son Christopher taking the helm, the company faced both challenges and opportunities. Together, they carried forward Paul's legacy while adapting to changes in the industry. Their goal was to honor the brand's history while embracing innovation and growth. With dedication and teamwork, Chris and Sheri led Bourbon Country Products into the future, ensuring its continued success while staying true to its roots.